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Jupiter International School accentuates the importance of ‘Learning by Doing’. We believe learning should be fun. For every subject we have teaching tools and teaching aids. We intend to nurture and draw out their inner abilities, be it artistic, linguistic or scientific. A strong emphasis on 360 degree holistic growth is emphasized with subjects like Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Theatre, Dance, Music and numerous other competitions that we provide.

We look after an appropriate Student -Teacher Ratio, constant tracking of every 

child’s progress and strong characteristic values.  We are the kind of an institution that believes in empowering our students and teachers while moving forward along with technology, be it through interactive smart classes or innovative language labs. We have not only introduced Robotics with this belief but also out of concern we have initiated an entire Health and Nutrition Program to make sure our students get the best of amenities and nothing stops them.

We also accentuate a great deal on Safety and Security. In a true International sense, parents can track the performance of their child through various means such as Mobile Application Management, Whatsapp Alerts and Periodic visits by teachers.

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