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Playing a sport is not only good for the physical health of a child but also for his/her mental development. But, apart from these two benefits, sports can help children in a number of ways.


Combat sports today are recognized as an art form and are considered to be amazingly beneficial for enhancing the functioning of all of our senses. It adds to our strength, alertness and response, endurance and so much more. Wushu strengthens mental and physical strength. It gives a sense of self-discipline at an early stage of life.


Every child’s fantasy begins with being the next Cristiano Ronaldo. Football is the most popular sport and every child must have that skill and knowledge.

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Throwball helps improve a child’s dexterity, and decision-making and adds to their team role. Along with physical development, it also inculcates in a child, values of dedication and teamwork.


Volleyball is a sport that requires coordination and teamwork. Children learn to take responsibility and build a sense of teamwork.


Activities like Marathons, Long Jump and Races are a part of Athletics which boost the confidence of our students to try harder with better preparations every time they perform. These activities enhance their stamina, tone their muscles and have a number of physical benefits.

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