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There are activities conducted every month according to the theme to enhance the knowledge of our little learners. Some of the monthly themes are:


Such concept helps children in developing their understanding of how distance work. Through this they learn about where things belong, and how objects have a place that works best for them. It also help the children to differentiate the different modes of transport.


One important topic that children learn in school is about food, health and nutrition. Our priority is not only teaching the students out of the box but also their overall development which includes their health as well. The motive behind such activities is to inculcate good and healthy eating habits and to encourage our young learners to include more fruits and vegetables in their diet.


Festivals are special days to celebrate tradition, culture and heritage with happiness, peace and harmony. It teaches students to learn and appreciate tradition and develops a sense of togetherness with other people worldwide. Celebrating festivals in school with friends is more fun, fostering cultural appreciation and teaching social awareness beyond textbooks.

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