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A school curriculum is a framework that describes a teacher's intended instruction plan. It covers teaching and instructional practices, learning experiences and outcomes, assessment plans, and expectations.

At Jupiter International, we offer a kind of learning that is both interactive and experiential. We have always been assertive about child-centric education as we follow the Montessori Method of Teaching.

Our curriculum is flexible enough to differentiate and support the learning of each student. We focus on developing fundamental skills and concepts as well as incorporating advanced ideas and learning opportunities that can satisfy diversity.

The curriculum is based on themes into which all learning is integrated. Theme teaching enhances children's concept development because it integrates learning from many different curriculum areas simultaneously.

We emphasize giving our students a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge that facilitates a learning environment where students learn, analyze, and apply- rather than merely know.

Our curriculum is inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory which helps in recognizing that each child is 'intelligent' in his/her own way. It also acts as a booster for the child's self-confidence and self-esteem, factors that are critical in determining one's learning attitude in later years.

Daily Routine and Activities

At Jupiter, we focus on Activity based learning in our daily routine. We focus on teaching skills and knowledge to our students through creative tasks and activities. We use problem-solving games and activities to make children think outside the box.

We also focus on teaching Life Skills to our students. Life Skills are valuable lessons kids will use throughout their lifetime. We teach them ways in which they can maintain their own health and hygiene, manage time and money, preserve the environment, learn basic etiquette, etc.

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is a mixture of international teaching methods and basic concepts of traditional values. Every classroom has its own learning culture encouraging innovative and experiential learning. We are making every effort to become the epitome of primary education in Madhya Pradesh.
The evolution period from Early Years Program to Primary is exigent for a child. To ease this process in pre-primary teaching we have included Experiential Learning and Interactive Methods, which will make the learning process easier and will ensure that each student in the Early Year Program inculcates a habit of learning the basic concepts of each subject through practical knowledge.
As one of the best pre-primary schools in Madhya Pradesh, we believe that young minds are easily impressionable which is why we intend to make them comfortable in stepping out of their comfort zones to learn and flourish.

Physical Education

Students have ample opportunity for exercise – and to direct the high level of physical energy children this age possess. Outdoor playtime is scheduled every day and in the Activity Center in inclement weather. JIS provides students opportunity for imaginative play that is important to their development. Children develop physical skills, fitness, and teamwork. Students often play on the equipment, or in pick-up games that are an LP tradition. Students also have the opportunity to practice yoga.

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